Vaccines & Licensing


Texas State law and Pasadena City codes mandate that all dogs and cats receive annual rabies vaccinations. Many vets and clinics now offer a three-year rabies vaccine for pets that have been continuously vaccinated against rabies.

Other highly recommended--though not mandated--vaccines include DHLPP for dogs and FVRCP for cats. These vaccines could mean life or death for your pet. For example, DHLPP protects against Parvo, a virus that's prevalent in our area and often fatal.

Local pet stores and other area businesses often host vaccine clinics. You don't need an appointment, and you won't be charged an office fee for these services. 

Read up on pet vaccines.


City ordinance requires all dog owners to register their pets with Animal Control. Simply provide proof of your dog's current rabies vaccination. If your pet is altered, the registration fee is $10. If your pet is unaltered, the fee is $50.Dogs must wear their city license tag at all times. License tags are also available for cats, but are not required by law. 

A city license tag is a phone call home for a pet that's wandered off or escaped. Pets picked up wearing a city license tag are held longer at the shelter, and the owner is alerted through the most recent address and telephone number available.

Household Pet Limit

In November 2019, City Council passed an ordinance that updates regulations for pet owners in Pasadena. Residents may now have a combined total of four cats and/or dogs—provided that all of the pets are altered (spayed / neutered) and all of the dogs are registered with the City. The registration fee for an altered pet remains $10; however, the fee for an unaltered pet is now $50. The ordinance also states that after a third impoundment at the Pasadena Animal Shelter, pets will be altered and microchipped, if necessary, at the owners’ expense. 

City Council updated this ordinance after careful consideration of pet ownership, the pet population, and public opinion in Pasadena. The regulations afford responsible pet owners additional freedoms, while encouraging residents to alter and contain their pets.   

Existing ordinance limitations of two dogs and/or two cats remain unchanged if any pet in the household is unaltered. However, if all pets are spayed and neutered, any one of the following combinations of pets is allowed:

  • Four dogs
  • Three dogs and one cat 
  • Two dogs and two cats
  • One dog and three cats
  • Four cats