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Animal Service Request

  1. Online Reporting is for NON-EMERGENCY requests only. If your need for assistance is urgent, please contact the shelter directly Pasadena Animal Control and Adoption (281) 991-0602. 5150 Burke Road Pasadena TX or call 911 for any life-threatening emergency.

    Please fill out this form completely to give the animal control agency as much information as possible. First, please enter information about yourself so that the animal control agency can better assist you. Animal Control Officers may need to contact you. Note that we are unable to process anonymous calls. Please enter all of your contact information so that the shelter can contact you if needed. You will only be contacted if additional information is required to handle your request.
  2. Please note that under no circumstances will we do anything with your personal information other than forward it to the animal control agency you have selected.
  3. Now please enter information about the reason for your report. For the 'address' section, please enter the address where the incident occurred, NOT your address.
  4. This is the address where the animal lives.
  5. Note: if you have been bitten by an animal you should seek medical attention immediately. Always remember to use common sense when dealing with any situation. Think 'Safety First'! If you see an animal that is behaving abnormally, stay away from it. Notify local authorities immediately.
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