Strays: The Escape Artist Sort

In a perfect world, every pet owner would have a securely-fenced yard. Dogs would not dig freedom tunnels. Cats would not slip out screen doors. But things happen, and pets escape. We understand. If a pet is properly licensed--in accordance with city ordinances--Animal Control will be able to quickly reunite pet and owner. In some cases, we will be able to reunite pet and owner without ever bringing the animal to the shelter. This is an ideal scenario for us and for you. (Pro-tip: Get a city license! It only costs $10.00, which is a lot less than an impoundment fee.)

Of course, if a pet habitually escapes, one of our Animal Control Officers or shelter employees will speak with the owner about making some changes.  

Strays: The Free-Roaming Sort

Some pet owners want to give their animals "freedom." They allow their cats and dogs to follow their busy streets, parks, your yard... Are you shaking your head yet? We are, because we know how terribly dangerous it is for free-roaming pets. Eventually, these animals will:

  • Be abused
  • Be attacked by other free roaming animals
  • Be killed or injured by a car
  • Be a nuisance to your neighbors
  • Become a traffic hazard
  • Bite someone
  • Contract and/or spread diseases
  • Contribute to the pet overpopulation problem
  • Be taken to the animal shelter 

So if you have the urge to let your cat or dog "explore," just don’t. Please. Not only is it dangerous, it’s against city ordinances. Good neighbors and responsible pet owners properly confine their pets.

Our department actively works to eliminate the problems created by free-roaming animals and ensure their safety. If you know of a free-roaming cat or dog, contact us. 

Bringing in a Cat

If you bring a stray cat--or even your cat--to the shelter, please bring it in a secure container, such as a laundry basket with a towel over it, a box with air holes, a trap, or a cat carrier. Cats typically get scared when at the shelter, and when cats get scared, they'll find a way to escape from your arms, no matter how good your grip is. We've had a few loose-cats-in-lobby incidents.