Did you know? Our city has pet ordinances meant to keep everyone safe.

¿Sabías? Nuestra ciudad tiene ordenanzas de mascotas para mantener a todos a salvo.

Vaccinations & Registration

  • Dogs must wear a city license tag.
    Perros deben usar una etiqueta de licencia de la ciudad.
  • Cats and dogs must be vaccinated annually against rabies
    Gatos y perros necesitan ser vacundas anualmente contra la rabi.

Read more information about maintaining vaccinations and licensing.

An animal control officer receives a kiss from a dog

Keeping Pets

  • Only two dogs and two cats per household.
    Solo dos perros y dos gatos por hogar.
  • Areas where animals are kept must be clean and sanitary.
    Las áreas donde se guardan los animales deben estar limpias y sanitarias.
  • All animals must be restrained by a fence or leash at all times.
    Todas las mascotas deben ser retenidos por una cerca o una correa en todo momento.

Failure to Comply

If you do not comply with the City's animal control ordinances, you may receive a citation or your pet may end up at the shelter. You will need to pay a fine or a fee for impoundment, so please, observe the ordinances and help keep Pasadena safe for all people and pets.