District B

Dist. B.Valerio Portrait 2023

Bianca Valerio

Council Member, District B


In 2021, Bianca committed to run for City Council District B and represent her community. Historically, she is the first Hispanic Woman to be elected to City of Pasadena’s Council. In 2023, she was re-elected for a second term.

Some of Bianca’s early child-hood achievements in PISD schools included awards in accelerated reading, science fairs, citizenship awards, exemplary conduct, physical education awards, Honor Roll awards, girl scout badges and Houston Rodeo art certificates. In the 2nd grade, she was awarded her first scholarship to attend a theatrical college for a summer. She took up piano lessons at age 8 and violin lessons in 5th grade. Also interested in sports, Bianca was a starting player for the City of Pasadena’s soccer teams and girl basketball teams. In school, she played on volleyball, basketball, swimming, and bowling teams. She won many awards for original artworks and participated in Academic Decathlon competitions. In 2009, Bianca graduated from Pasadena High School in the top 10% of her class.

Bianca was awarded a scholarship to study at Simmons University, in a private, women-focused undergraduate program. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Fine Art, Philosophy, and Business. Federal grants allowed her to be the first in her family to obtain higher education. Bianca was encouraged to participate in a summer-led course in Manhattan, New York. She experienced going behind the scenes of the arts administration industry. She worked in college as a note-taker, aiding other students with learning disorders. She interned as a gallerist assistant, a classroom instructor for an arts center, and a marketing administrator for a children’s book publishing company.   

After college, Bianca entered fine furniture sales and interior design consultation in Houston, TX. Following a decision to close the high-end store, she was recruited to continue working in sales with the liquidation company that had been hired for the promotional close out sale. She accepted her first traveling job offer in Scottsdale, AZ. She lived and worked there for 9 months. She traveled with liquidating teams and worked and lived for a significant amount of time in Raleigh, NC; Austin, TX; St. Louis, MO; and then again in Houston, TX. Bianca visited parks throughout her travels, gathering beautification ideas to bring home.  

During her time in office, Bianca has taken extra opportunities to train on municipal budgets, integrated technology, and the functions of all city departments. TML training has provided her a deeper understanding of the challenges that our city and surrounding cities face. She has garnered wisdom from accomplished elected officials and nurtured good working relationships among her fellow colleagues. Bianca has and will continue to support first responders and public safety initiatives. She understands that infrastructure improvements are greatly needed in the community. She is committed to continue listening to constituent requests, and advocate for these needed improvements, as well as drainage mitigation. From her own personal experience growing up in Pasadena, Bianca knows how important activity centers, libraries, and public parks are to families. She will continue to support these departments and the educational program they provide. She encourages the community to participate in environmental stewardship and is proud to be a part of the establishment of the Vince Bayou Community Garden.