Pasadena Industrial Community Network

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The Pasadena Industrial Community Network is a group whose mission grew out of the immediate need to assist our community’s less fortunate following the devastation of Hurricane Ike. It has hence broadened its vision to become the present day partnership of business, industry and community leaders who are committed to making Pasadena the best that it can be.

About the Program

This program, managed by the City of Pasadena Neighborhood Network Division, offers business leaders and their employees an efficient process to streamline corporate involvement in community projects. We provide these business/industry leaders and their employee volunteer teams’ assistance by offering pre-screened and qualified projects that meet low income standards, as well as other vetting criteria.

This will enable your volunteer teams the ability to focus their time and talent toward project success. The Industrial Network team will coordinate the event to see that all supplies, tools, equipment and resources are available for the project along with refreshments for your company the day of the event.

Recognition for Your Company & Team

We also understand the importance of getting the news of your corporation’s service projects to both your corporate office as well as the local community. Whether it is a fence repair, the painting of veterans and senior citizens homes, building a wheelchair ramp, local park cleanup or other noteworthy projects, you can utilize your time and talent getting the results while our office handles the details. 

The City of Pasadena will provide media coverage, such as on our website and various social media sites, as well as photo opportunities for local news media and recognition at City Council meetings which are aired on the Pasadena Municipal Television Channel. We can also coordinate all of these events with your corporate media.

More Information

For more information about the great things that your business or Industry can do for the citizens of the Pasadena community, please email us.

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