Any rules or guidelines I need to know?

As with any awesome activity, there are a few things to keep in mind when playing the game. Here are a few:

  • Be respectful of nature and animals. Please don’t mess with any wild animals or feed them; they are on a strict diet.
  • Leave it better than you found it. While looking for the cache, if you see any trash, pick it up and help keep the outdoors beautiful. Cache in-trash out!
  • Be safe! This means paying attention to your surroundings, staying off private property and obeying any local laws.
  • Make sure to log your finds and put the cache back the way you found it so that other geocachers can enjoy it just as you did.
  • The geocaching website has lots of info about geocaching. Just visit their site and select the learn menu at the top of the site. There, you can learn about the history of geocaching, find out how to play, watch fun videos and explore the world of geocaching.

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5. Any rules or guidelines I need to know?