Recreation Passport

Our Recreation Passport program is a great way for kids and adults to explore what Pasadena’s Parks and Recreation Department has to offer. Complete activities in your Recreation Passport to achieve different levels and earn prizes. Pick up a Recreation Passport at the Parks Office, any of our Recreation Centers, or many of our events to get started. 

Our Recreation Passport is your guide to family fun in your hometown. Get excited about being outside again! What are you waiting for? Grab your Recreation Passport today and let the journey begin!

Recreation Passport Activity Journal (PDF)


Geocaching is a recreational activity where you find hidden objects using a Global Positioning Service (GPS) device and GPS coordinates. It’s a real life treasure hunt! We have set up a number of caches around the city, and we hope that you enjoy looking for them. For more information, check out our Geocaching page, where you can find helpful tips.

Big Island Slough

Parks Pride

Pasadena Parks and Recreation has 40 parks and playgrounds located all around the city. There are also 15 trails for walking, running and biking. Our Recreation Passport will bring you to fun and unique places, like the Multipurpose Center Playground, Pasadena’s universal/all-access playground, which was designed to accommodate people living with disabilities but where everyone is welcome. We’ll also take you to parks, like Burke Crenshaw, where you can fish, jog, play on the playground and even play Disc Golf.

Fogo Recreation Center

Recreation Centers

Pasadena Parks and Recreation has four centers that provide free programming for youth (ages 8 to 18) year-round. Kids are welcome to participate in arts and crafts, board games, kickball, dodgeball and many other fun activities and programs. Each center is unique, so we suggest you visit them all!