Employment Requirements

Eligibility Requirements for Police Officers

The first step in qualifying to become a Pasadena police officer centers on your ability to meet certain educational, mental and physical norms that have been established by the department. These eligibility requirements enable us to more accurately gauge your capacity to meet the rigorous demands of police duty.

They include citizenship and minimum/maximum age limits, educational attainment, visual and audial acuity (as well as other physical standards) and the ability to meet all licensing requirements that Texas law enforcement officer must be certified in. You may read more about eligibility issues and those conditions which may temporarily or permanently disqualify from consideration by clicking the eligibility requirements link. 

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must successfully pass the police officer Physical Agility Test to continue in the hiring process. Prior to taking the physical agility test, you will be required to submit a completed and signed Physical Agility Test Self-Evaluation Form attesting to your ability to pass this test. 

Physical Agility Test Self-Evaluation Form 

You can read more about the physical agility test procedures and preparation by clicking the Physical Requirements link. 

Physical Requirements 

For more information including a brief overview of the basic elements of the test, click through to our Youtube page to watch a brief video. 


During the course of your candidacy, you will receive a Civil Service examination, physical and psychological examination, a polygraph exam and an Oral Review Board session among other test processes. You will be required to fill out a Civil Service Registration as an initial identification document of your candidacy.

Should you successfully conclude the period of testing and evaluation by performing at or above the level of other candidates, you may be invited to join the next Pasadena Police Academy cadet class...on your way to becoming a commissioned Pasadena police officer.

Police dispatcher answers phone

Eligibility Requirements for Telecommunicators/Jailers

Dispatch and the city jail are essential to the daily operations of the Pasadena Police Departement. The eligibility requirements for these positions are the beginning of the application process designed to identify and select personnel who can physically, mentally and intellectually meet the demands of working dispatch and/or the jail. A list of eligibility requirements can be viewed by clicking the Telecommunicator/Jailer requirements link. 

Telecommunicator/Jailer Requirements

Applicants seeking employment as a telecommunicator in dispatch must successfully pass a test designed to assess job-related skills in tasks such as data entry, multi-tasking, and decision making. Applicants for jailer positions must pass a reading comprehension and vocabulary test, as well as a typing test designed to gauge the applicant's data entry skills.

Additional applicant screening includes a physical and psychological examination, polygraph examination, and an oral review board.