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Mayor Jeff Wagner has dedicated his life to public service, and his remarkable journey from a retired Houston Police officer to the Mayor of Pasadena, Texas, is a testament to his commitment to community spirit. He was first elected in 2017 and then reelected in 2021 in a resounding landslide victory. Mayor Wagner has been a driving force behind the transformation of Pasadena, with a strong focus on community partnerships, public safety and essential infrastructure.

One of the cornerstones of Mayor Wagner's tenure has been the enhancement of public safety services. For the first time in the city’s history, the number of Pasadena Police Patrol officers meets the needs for our growing population. New municipal facilities, including a state-of-the-art courthouse, two modern fire stations, a new police academy building, and a fire academy building have been established to support and strengthen the city's first responders.

In addition to bolstering public safety, Mayor Wagner's administration continues to make significant strides in infrastructure development, through a variety of revenue sources. These investments have been made possible through the fiscally efficient use of grant funding and the effective budgeting of Capital Improvement Projects. Significant investments include: $5.7M in traffic and streetlight enhancements; $13.8M for parks, playgrounds, the Strawberry Tennis Center and the Pasadena Municipal Golf Course; $41.4milion for construction, rehabilitation, and improvements to waterlines, water towers, tanks and wells; $58.1M in drainage mitigation; and $83.9M for Street Repairs and Renovations.

Still on the horizon, under Mayor Wagner’s direction, are Pasadena EDC projects that reinforce his vision of progress across our city landscape. The heavily-traveled Pasadena Boulevard corridor is poised to undergo a major upgrade and transformation between Highway 225 and Southmore, and Richey Street Phase II will continue the infrastructure improvements coordinated by Mayor Wagner in 2019.

In response to significant public request, Mayor Wagner has instructed the Pasadena Economic Development Corporation to begin an extensive overhaul of the Pasadena Convention Center and Municipal Fairgrounds. Renovations of the current convention center space will be coupled with a brand new 7500-seat performance arena. This will allow Pasadena to host large scale entertainment, business and sporting events, and compete with the ever-growing demand for multipurpose space in the southeast Texas region. The innovative funding for this $50 million dollar project comes from Sales Tax Revenue Bonds and will not impact property or sales tax rates.

These are just a few of the projects happening under the leadership of Mayor Jeff Wagner. His unwavering commitment to the well-being of our community, and his remarkable accomplishments during his time in office have placed Pasadena on a trajectory to an even brighter and more prosperous future.