Applying to Adopt

Submitting an Application

Ready to move forward?

If you’re prepared to make a life-long commitment to love and care for a pet, we welcome you to fill out an application. Find our online application here.

You can also print an application (located on the right-hand side of the page) and either bring it to the shelter, email our adoption staff, or fax it to 281-991-6981.

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Link to pet adoption application

Application Processing

Applications are processed on a first come, first serve basis. It can take up to three days for us to review an application. Other times, we can process an application on the spot--it really just depends on availability and applicant circumstances. 

Approved Applications

Once your application is approved, we will contact you by email or phone. You will typically have between 24 to 48 hours to come in and complete the adoption. Please note that we will not hold animals. If you are unable to come in soon after approval, we need to give the next applicant an opportunity to adopt. (It’s all about getting the animals in homes as soon as possible and making space for another animal in need of a second chance.) Of course, we will keep your approved application on file, and if nobody else applies to adopt the animal, you can come in, adopt, and start the next chapter of your lives together.

Animals with Pending Applications

If you apply for an animal with a pending application, remember that adoptions often fall through--families fail to come in, meet-and-greets with other pets go poorly, or people change their minds. So, don’t despair, and check in with us after a few days!

Adoptions Are at Our Discretion

Be aware that your approval will be affected your ability to provide an environment in which the animal will thrive. Some animals would prefer homes without cats. Others would prefer to be with active families. So while we process applications in order of receipt, adoptions are at our counselors’ discretion, and our counselors will always act in the best interest of an animal. Moreover, your approval will be affected by your level of interest. If you’ve sent in your application but haven’t come in to meet your animal, we may choose someone else who shows more interest.