Wastewater Rehabilitation

Mission Statement

To replace deteriorated sanitary sewer mainlines; evaluate pipe condition and to locate problems; line breaks, grade problems or faulty conditions, and to televise and/or smoke testing sanitary sewer mainlines. Warranted lines are replaced by city forces or contract services by removing or replacing of sewers and/or by utilizing trenchless technology. In addition, the division is responsible for the reinstallation of residential sewer taps, installation of new manholes, locating and marking sanitary sewer lines, and the determination of sanitary sewer availability for all utility inquiries.

General Overview

The Wastewater Rehabilitation Division provides rehabilitation of existing sanitary sewer lines and manholes that are deteriorated and compromised due to age. The division evaluates the wastewater system made up of approximately 400 miles of mainlines and approximately 6,500 sanitary manholes, and plans the appropriate rehabilitation technique to replace the system.

  • Closed Circuit TV Inspection
  • Line Cleaning
  • Manhole Inspection
  • Physical Inspection
  • Preventative Maintenance