Outreach Program

The City of Pasadena has developed an aggressive outreach program for public education and participation since 2005. At the end of 2011, a new effort called Public Participation and Information (PPI) Program was started with the mission to coordinate the past outreach efforts for better results. The program was put together with the support and cooperation from a PPI Committee formed by City CFMs, City Communication Department, local organizational leaders representing stakeholders, FEMA and Community Rating System (CRS).

PPI Program

The program is a series of annual bilingual educational activities developed by the CRS Team in partnership with:

  • Business
  • Churches
  • Industry
  • Public Library
  • Residents
  • Schools
  • Summer Camps
  • Other Organizations and City Departments

The Program is in the process of revision and will be published as soon as it is submitted to City Council approval. The Outreach Team has developed creative tools and gets or borrows educational materials such as the TFMA flood Model to show children and adults how to be prepared and mitigate flood problems.