Family Violence

The Family Violence Unit is under the command of Lieutenant M.P. Jackson, who answers directly to Assistant Chief John Dombrowa, and is comprised of four investigators; S Trevino, D. Rice, C. Phelan, and L. Garcia, as well as one full-time Crime Victim Liaison, Mercedes Santillanes and one part-time Crime Victim Liaison, Ana Garcia. The division is directly supervised by Sergeant Scott Michael and is operated within the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Focus on Family

The unit focuses upon the protection of the family (excluding juvenile investigations which are handled by the Juvenile Division) and the handling of those cases that fall within the definition of "Family Violence" as provided in the Texas Family Code. They are responsible for certain aspects of family violence-related counseling and for conducting the investigation and the filing of appropriate charges in all family violence cases referred to them.

Victims of Violent Crime

The Family Violence unit is also responsible for tracking and reporting to the State of Texas, all crimes related to family violence as well as assisting victims of violent crime to receive all state-mandated assistance. For more information, visit our Crime Victim Assistance page. Or visit our Victim Assistance Information page for a list of resources.

Counseling & Shelter

The civilian counselor, who is associated with the Bridge Over Troubled Waters women’s shelter, provides personal and family counseling service, information, personal assistance, and provides a variety of referrals as circumstances dictate.