Virtual Court | COVID-19


The judge of the municipal court is required to inform each counsel and unrepresented defendant that all hearings will be conducted remotely over Zoom and inform each counsel of a phone number and email address to inform the judge if they believe they cannot participate remotely.  The judge or court staff shall then determine whether a participant is unable to participate in the hearing due to one or more of the following:

            a.  lack of technology that precludes or impedes their ability to participate in the hearing

            b. a physical, mental or other disability that prevents a participant from being able to effectively operate or utilize the required technology

For more complete information, please refer to the Court’s Re-certification of the Municipal Court In-person Operations Plan located (here).

To request an in-person hearing please call (713) 475-5562 or email

All virtual hearings will be live streamed on YouTube and are subject to the same standards of conduct and attire as would apply to an in-person appearance before the court.  NO RECORDING OF THE VIRTUAL HEARING IS ALLOWED.

To participate in a virtual hearing you will need a smartphone or computer with a webcam and microphone enabled.  You will need to download the Zoom platform before the scheduled hearing.   To test your device, go to Zoom Meeting Testing Link.  The Court will not be able to assist you in this regard.  When joining the virtual hearing, please use your full legal name as your screen name.  When you have successfully joined the virtual hearing, you may be placed into a virtual waiting room. You will then be brought to a virtual courtroom.

Certain cases will not be considered for virtual hearings at this time.  These include trials by judge or jury and family violence matters. In addition, the Court may decline a specific request based on other factors and require an in-person appearance at a later date when such are permitted by further order of the Supreme Court of Texas.  

You may find it more convenient to accomplish certain tasks by regular mail.  For example, applications for deferred disposition, driving safety courses and certain compliance dismissals may be accomplished by mail.  Please click (here) for appropriate forms and information.

To request a virtual court appearance with a judge, please click (here).  The Municipal Court will provide a response by e-mail or phone within 5 business days utilizing the email address and/or phone number listed on your request form.  If you desire to present documents at your virtual hearing such as a driver license or proof of insurance, please upload them to your request for hearing.