Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Pasadena offers many volunteer opportunities in its municipal departments. Volunteers do a variety of tasks. Most positions are developed to meet a department’s need. However, if a potential volunteer has an interest in doing a different job, departments will make every effort to accept the volunteer’s offer.


The following is a list of general volunteer opportunities:

Children & Animals

  • Animal shelter
  • Children with special needs  
  • Coaches - various sports
  • Community center programs
  • Summer, spring and specialty day camps  
  • Tutoring and homework help

Special Interests  

Administrative & Clerical Functions

  • Administrative and general clerical functions
  • Customer service surveys
  • Data entry/word processing
  • Staff support

Ongoing Opportunities

Did you know you can make a significant improvement in our area's waterways even as you casually stroll along the banks? The Walk the Water (PDF) program takes only a few minutes to participate in, but can help us keep Pasadena's creeks, bayous and tributaries clean and ecologically sound for the many organisms you'll see there.

If you have a love of Pasadena's unique ecological environment and would like to help preserve healthy waterways in our area, the City's Adopt-A-Waterway program is perfect for you. A commitment to keeping an adopted stretch of waterway clean several times a year can make a significant improvement in flood control, while improving the habitat for aquatic life. You'll be joining other committed service groups and individuals.

Adopt A Street Program

Our Adopt A Street Program seeks volunteers to commit to cleaning an adopted street in our community four times a year. The streets chosen would be those that made a positive visual impact in our neighborhoods while maintaining a safe working environment for our volunteers. Duties would include:

  • Monitoring garbage placed by the street outside normal pickup schedule
  • Yard trimmings in the street
  • Storm drain inlets flowing and clear
  • Street repairs needed
  • Curb repairs needed
  • Grease/oil Stains on the street
  • Signals or signs that need attention

This effort will greatly enhance our city's image. Equipment is provided free to volunteers and you will be recognized for your efforts with the placement of signs on your adopted street.

Environmental Education

An Environmental Education volunteer is needed to help monitor water quality in area waterways, assisting at area schools with watersmart projects and in environmental education efforts, installing storm water marker buttons, and speaking to neighborhood and civic groups about the value of environmental awareness. View more information on this position (PDF).

Animal Shelter

Come share you care and concern for stray and abandoned animals at the Pasadena Animal Shelter. Volunteers are needed Monday through Saturday to assist with walking animals, fostering pets and helping with animal adoptions among other needs. If you'd like to help out with administrative duties instead, they also would welcome a clerical receptionist volunteer in the Shelter office.

Senior Center

Our Madison Jobe Senior Center is seeking volunteer assistance with answering the phones Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Center is located at 1700 E Thomas. Four-hour shifts are available.

Emergency Operations Center

Be a part of the action as an Emergency Operations Center Volunteer. You'll be located at the Police Department building, 1114 Jeff Ginn Boulevard, with the assignment to assist with answering phones and other duties as needed during emergency events. Training will be provided.

Signal System Design Coordinator

Signal System Design Coordinator Volunteer is needed to help develop a plan to install and operate an economic, distributed intelligence, wireless spread spectrum radio-modem based traffic signal system. Full details about this important work