Establish / Discontinue Service

The application process requires valid state-issued identification (driver's license), social security number (SSN), and for customers who are renting or leasing, we must have a copy of your rental/lease agreement. We must receive a copy of your identification to process any application. The Water Billing Office provides next day service; however, if you would like for services to be connected the same day of your application, a fee of $25 must be paid.

Submit a End Water, Sewer and/or Garbage Services Request Online Form.

Authorization to Make Changes on Customer Account

If you wish to change a mailing address, change the name or add someone to an account, please fill out this form (PDF).

Release of Information

The Texas Legislature recently passed HB 872 which includes legislation that makes government operated utility bills confidential. Customers used to have to specifically request to keep their utility bill private; however, the approval of HB 872 makes utility bills automatically private.  Customers do have the option to opt out of having their utility bill kept confidential.   

Complete, sign, and submit the form below if you are interested in allowing the City of Pasadena to disclose specific information as it relates to your utility account.

Water Billing Disclosure Form (PDF)

Applications / Forms