Warrant Information

If You Have a Warrant

The Municipal Court will recall an arrest warrant for a defendant’s failure to appear or a capias pro fine for failure to pay fines and costs if a defendant voluntarily appears and makes a good faith effort to resolve either the warrant or capias pro fine before they are executed. To facilitate this process, the Municipal Court conducts a weekly warrant court each Thursday at 8 a.m. You may call the warrant line at 713-475-5559 for assistance. 

To take advantage of this program you should appear in person on a Thursday morning. Your ability to appear and work out a warrant is not limited to this docket, however. You may appear at any time during regular Court hours with the understanding that there may or may not be a judge available at that time to hear the matter.


If you are found guilty of an offense or offenses charged in this citation and do not have sufficient resources or income to immediately pay all or part of the fines and costs, the Court shall determine whether the fines and costs should be:

  • Paid at some later date or in specified portions at designated intervals
  • Discharged by performing community service
  • Waived in full or in part
  • Satisfied through a combination of the foregoing methods

The Court may refer your case(s) to its collection office for review of your income and expenses. You should come to court prepared to supply the name, address, and phone number of two references who are not members of your household as well as documentation to support your income, expenses and available resources such as bank balances.