Pasadena residents know how important recycling is for protecting the environment and thousands of households now participate in our recycling efforts. In fact, during our first month of residential garbage service in the City, Frontier collected and submitted over 100 tons of recyclables to a materials recovery facility (MRF) instead of it all being dumped in a landfill! But we can do better and want residents to know how easy it is to recycle. You just need a proper recycling cart/tote and to follow some simple rules. 

The city encourages all its citizens to recycle through two programs. In a partnership with Frontier Waste Solutions, the City has established a recycling drop-off point.

Participants may recycle newspaper, plastic, glass, and aluminum using the bins there. For computer and household hazardous waste pick up, please call the Sanitation Department at 713-475-7884 to make an appointment for pick up.

Curbside Recycle Guidelines

PLEASE DO NOT BAG YOUR RECYCLEABLES. Frontier Waste requires all recycling to be placed as loose items in specified clearly identified recyclying containers (shown below). 

Based on current research, the recycling industry has recommended against recycling bags due to possible contamination issues. More information can be found here.  


Please call (936)258-9035 or email for questions or to request a free recycle toter delivered to your address.

Recycling Resources

For a very helpful indexing of recycling information including TV and computer recycle opportunities, materials recycling and other helpful information, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has a recycling website with many resources to help you Go Green.