Miscellaneous Health Permits

Liquid Waste Transporter Permit Application

This application (PDF) is required in conjunction with any collection, transportation and/or disposal of hauled liquid waste within the city limits of Pasadena. No permit to operate in the City of Pasadena will be issued if the liquid waste transporter is not first permitted by and registered with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). Information regarding state permit and registration requirements can be found at the TCEQ website.

Junkyard / Auto Wrecking Yard Permit Application

Junkyard, auto wrecking yard, and used tire generator business operators in the City of Pasadena are required to obtain permit(s) from the Health Department. This application (PDF) should be completed and returned to:
City of Pasadena Health Department
901 E Curtis
Suite 30
Pasadena, TX 77506

Mail to:
P. O. Box 672
Pasadena, TX 77501

Section 17-30. Required

No person shall exercise, carry on or engage in the business or operation of a junkyard and automobile wrecking yard unless he has applied for and obtained a license in accord with this division. (Ord. No. 82-89, § 1, 5-4-82) Further details and questions concerning the specific requirements, please call 713-475-5529

Used Tire / Generator Permit Application

View the application (PDF).

Section 15-176. Permit

It shall be unlawful for any person to be a used tire generator as defined by this article within the city unless he has a current permit, or permits as required, from the director of public health or his designee(s). (Ordinance No. 91-215, § 1, 11-5-91)

Swimming Pool Permit Application

Check out the application (PDF).

Section 33-17. License Fee

All nonprivate swimming pools in the city limits shall be licensed as hereinafter set out with a license fee of one hundred dollars ($100) per year except that the director may exempt any governmental entity, religious organization or charitable enterprise from such license fee. (Ordinance Number 94-153, § 2, 8-23-94)

Vital Statistics  

The City of Pasadena, Health Department maintains official birth and death records. To obtain a certified copy of birth or death certificate, the appropriate downloadable document below should be completed and returned to City of Pasadena Health Department or mailed to:
P. O. Box 672
Pasadena, TX 77501

  • Application (PDF) for certified copy of birth or death certificate. This is for in-person use ONLY at the City of Pasadena. PLEASE NOTE An ID is needed to process your application for a birth certificate. You may review the list of acceptable documents.
  • Solicitud (PDF) para copia certificada de nacimiento o defunción. Esto es para en persona utilizar SOLAMENTE en la ciudad de Pasadena. TENGA EN CUENTA Se necesita un ID para procesar su solicitud de un certificado de nacimiento. Usted puede revisar la lista de documentos aceptables.
  • Mail-in application (PDF) for certified copy of birth or death certificate.
  • Aplicación Mail-in (PDF) para copia certificada del acta de nacimiento o la muerte.