Citizen's Fire Academy

The Pasadena Fire Department Citizen’s Fire Academy (CFA) is an intensive ten-week course created to provide the citizen participants with information so that they will understand the operation of the Pasadena Fire Department. Our mission is to provide “understanding through education.”

The CFA is an intensive ten week course, each class lasting three hours. If you are selected to participate in the Pasadena Citizen’s Fire Academy, you will be expected to make the following commitments:

  • Perfect attendance is a must! In order to receive the full benefit of the program, you must be willing to attend all classes for ten consecutive weeks; two absences may be excused, however, to receive credit for the missed classes, you must view the videotape of the class in order to graduate with your class. If you miss more than two classes, you will not be permitted to graduate with your class. You may, however, be allowed to make up the missed classes during the next CFA and graduate with that class.
  • Class members are not permitted to select a substitute if he/she is unable to attend any or all classes. Alternates have been selected to take your place if you find you are unable to attend the Academy after being selected.
  • After graduation, you will be invited to join the Pasadena Citizen’s Fire Academy Alumni Association. The Alumni Association works with the Pasadena Fire Department to provide assistance with special projects, functions as a liaison between the Fire Department and the Community. The Alumni also assists in raising funds for special needs of the Department. The Alumni Association is a non-political, tax- Exempt educational organization.

More Information

If you are willing to make a commitment and become an involved Citizen, we encourage you to apply to attend the Pasadena Citizens’ Fire Academy. Please contact our Administrative Office at 713-475-5554 for an application.