Mission Statement & Core Values

Mission Statement

Pasadena Parks and Recreation Department is committed to maintaining a safe environment for all while providing programming, facilities and relationships which enrich and enlighten the lives of all families thus building a strong, healthy foundation for our future.

Core Values

The City of Pasadena Parks and Recreation Department is an innovative leader for the delivery of quality service.

  • We are responsible for the delivery of quality open space and programming, anticipating the real and perceived needs of the citizens. Demonstrated through working together to complete our duties in an efficient and cost effective manner that maintains the highest standards of professionalism and quality.
  • We are trust builders, developing and maintaining the trust of those we serve and those who serve with us. Demonstrated by developing the highest levels of integrity through our actions.
  • We take pride in our City, its residents, our jobs and the services we provide by fostering a sense of community in our citizens and employees. Demonstrated through our diligent efforts to provide state of the art programming, clean, green open spaces and a professional atmosphere with all of our endeavors.
  • We have respect for all co-workers, residents and the environment. Demonstrated by promoting safe and healthy neighborhoods, youth mentoring, environmental preservation and employee satisfaction.