Men's Basketball League

2021 Fall League

The City of Pasadena, Texas Parks and Recreation Department: Athletics Division (COPT-PARD-AD) is offering three Men's "Double Header" Basketball Leagues. The Saturday Early Morning League, Monday Nights League, and Tuesday Nights League. 

Team Registration

There is a 6 team registration limit per league day or per league night. Therefore, the first 6 teams to register are in. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS! 

  • Registration: Aug 25th - Sept 14th, 2021 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
  • Fees: $400 per team
  • Location: The City of Pasadena, Texas' { P A L } Gymnasium 2910 East Southmore Ave. Pasadena, Texas 77503

League Schedule

There are three(3) league playing nights offered which are Saturday early morning, Monday nights, and Tuesday nights. All games will be held at the Pasadena (PAL) Gym.

  • Saturday Morning League: Starts October 2nd and ends November 13th
  • Monday Night League: Starts October 4th and ends November 15th
  • Tuesday Night League: Starts October 5th and ends November 16th

There are 8 total weeks of league play duration, that consists of 1 week of several pre-season scrimmage games held on Saturday September 25th; 4 weeks of regular season play, with 2 games on most league days; and 3 weeks of post-season double elimination play-off games.

Scheduled Game Times

Game #1Game #2Game #3Game #4Game #5Game #6Game #7
Saturday Mornings7:00am7:40am8:20am9:00am9:40am10:20am11:00am
Monday Nights5:30pm6:10pm6:50pm7:30pm8:10pm8:50pm9:30pm
Tuesday Nights5:30pm6:10pm6:50pm7:30pm8:10pm8:50pm9:30pm


The Championship Tournament will be 3 weeks of post-season (Double Elimination) play-off games. Team managers and or coaches must provide a team roster of no more than 10 players, by the end of game night during week 2 of the regular league season. Each player on the roster must play in their team's games on at least 2 different Monday or Saturday league dates in order to be eligible for the play-offs.

Team Uniforms

Each team must have 2 sets of Jerseys or 1 reversible Jersey. One set or side of the Jersey must be White in color and the set or side must be any other Dark color. All Home teams must wear their white Jersey.

Jersey numbers must be visibly set on the front and back of the Jersey. The Front numbers must be at least 4" in size number and the back numbers must have a minimum of 6" size number on it.


  • Managers/Captains Meeting: Team Managers/Team Captain's Meeting will be held on Monday September 20th inside the Pasadena PAL Gym beginning at 5pm.
  • Training Clinic: The training clinic for Game Day League Site Supervisors and Sports officials (referees, Clock Operators, Scorekeepers) will be held on Monday September 20th inside the Pasadena PAL Gym beginning at 6pm.

Heavy emphasis is placed on using the Sports Officials that attend these Training Clinics ONLY.

Certified Sports Officials drop by The Pasadena {PAL} Gym at 2910 East Southmore Avenue or Contact Deacon Ceaser. 

Office: (713) 475-1229 

Cell: (713) 591-7023 

Basketball Tip Off